About Us

Hotel Born Out of Passion

From the structure down to the tiny details, a true luxury hotel intuitively knows how to provide for its guests. At Garden Top Hotel, we have taken the time to anticipate your every need, putting an incredible array of luxury facilities and services at your grasp.

We Are International

This journey started in 2010, were our very first hotel opened in Bez Valley, central Johannesburg - South Africa to host fans from around the world visit for the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Our hospitality experience can be enjoyed in West and South African regions, with extensive costumer service, including in lodging and accommodation, food and beverage, with attention to details. We are continually expanding across Nigeria and South Africa making our services within a global reach. Our goal is to be present in Asia, the US, Europe and Oceania as the world deserves affordable luxury.

The Garden Top Hotel is proud to be a part of the rebirth and rediscovery of central Johannesburg. Situated in the illustrious suburb of Bezuidenhout Valley.